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In order to be exempted from the relevant Lebanese customs fees, applicant should provide the following documents:

Transfer of Car

1) The car should be no more than 5 years old. 

2) If you have owned the car for more than one year, please provide the following documents:

- The title of ownership of the car
- Original Invoice (Bill of Sale) showing that the car is paid in full

3) Money order payable to the Embassy of Lebanon.

4) One additional photocopy of all of the above mentioned documents is required.

Transfer of Furniture

1) A notarized typed/professional packing list (every page should be signed and notarized) including only used house furniture and items and personal items. 

2) A notarized affidavit signed by the applicant as follows:” I certify under penalty that I have been residing in Kazakhstan for more than three consecutive years and that I’m returning to Lebanon permanently, and that the personal and house items and furniture I ‘m shipping are mine, are previously owned and used, and are intended for personal use” plus include your phone number)

3) A proof of three lease years residence in Kazakhstan (rent contract or Deed warranty, letter of employment, personal income tax return covering the three years) +  copy of a Kazakhstan Visa

4) Copy of Lebanese ID and Lebanese Passport including the last pages that shows the departure and arrival stamps of the Lebanese General Security

5) A money order in the amount of 30 USD payable to the Embassy of Lebanon. 

Transfer of Body

In order to transfer the body of a deceased person to Lebanon, kindly send the following:

1) Notarized copy of the death certificate legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs of country issued

2) Burial Transit Permit and Letter of non-contagious diseases issued by an authorized health institution

3) Letter of embalming

4) Letter of sealed casket

5) Copy of Lebanese passport of the deceased

6) Copy of shipping document

7) No fee is required

Please note that you need to fill out an application form related to the registration of death (check registration of vital events section) in order to register the death at the Lebanese Vital Records Registry.

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