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Request from the spouse of a Lebanese Citizen to acquire Lebanese Citizenship

One year after registering the marriage in the vital statistics office in Lebanon (and not only at the Lebanese Embassy) the wife of a Lebanese citizen can apply to obtain the Lebanese Nationality, after providing the following required documents:

   1) One copy of a recent family civil registry record ( بيان قيد عائلي), showing the registration of the marriage in the Lebanese records.

     2) Petition to acquire Lebanese citizenship (Doc 1).

     3) Affidavit to certify that wife and her father don’t hold Lebanese nationality (Doc2).

     4) One copy of the wife's Birth Certificate

     5) One copy of the wife's valid passport showing the change in her last name. If the name wasn’t changed, the husband should fill and sign affidavit (Doc 3).

     6) One copy of the Lebanese passport of the husband

     7) One copy of Lebanese Marriage Certificate

     8) Consular fees payable to the Embassy of Lebanon

Request for reacquisition of the Lebanese Citizenship for individuals who are of Lebanese descent

Please note that The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has launched a website in Arabic, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish: or which is now at the disposal of these descendants of Lebanese origins and seeks to facilitate the registration process and communication between the Embassies and The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.

Renunciation of Lebanese Citizenship

Following are the requirements to apply for the renunciation of the Lebanese citizenship:

   1)  A written notarized affidavit mentioning the full name, place and date of birth, Lebanese passport number of the person requesting the renunciation, and mentioning the reason of renunciation )Doc 4).

    2) The original Lebanese Passport  + the Lebanese ID  or  extract of individual/family civil  registration  اخراج قيد عائلي او  افرادي .

    3)  A Money order in the amount of $ 350 payable to the Embassy of Lebanon.

Please note that the request that fulfills the aforementioned requirements will be sent to the competent Authorities in Lebanon to decide on it.

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